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 My Dear Daughter (Grand Daughter) may this ring always remind you of how truly important you are to me in so, so many ways.......But most of all, please try to remember to ask God for His wisdom in every situation, in good ones and where there is difficulty… Lets both Try to become closer and closer during the years ahead, making the very best of  "The Destiny God is creating for us to share.”  I pray that God shows me how to say to you the things that will help and comfort you the most!   

Let our prayers together be that God will help us experience true Joy and Give us Spiritual Wisdom….

Here for You….+

May My Angel Ring…Constantly remind you of  How Truly….Truly Important You are to Me! I Pray and Believe that God Always Listens Very Closely to Me when I Pray….Especially When It Comes to How I Feel About You!  I Know that the Holy Spirit is inside of us both.. That He Listens and knows our Joys, Our Fears and what we Have inside to Share…..Let’s make a point of Sharing the Unconditional Love He Has put into us and the ability to Give the The Gift of Love Unto others as He has Given To Us!  I love you and I am here for you! I pray that Loving Each Other in Kindness guides our thoughts and nourishes our prayers!

I am here loving you, He is here with His angels and I pray that Joy will guide us through destiny...


This Gift is a Symbol to remind you of the Lord’s Personal relationship with those that have left this earth to be with Him. It is one of many, many things the Lord will use along your way to inspire your fondest memories. The Holy Spirit is truly present loving and talking to your loved ones.  It’s true, that everyone in heaven has a fully healthy body, mind and joy-filled spirit. Most of all, remember they are Carefree and Very peacefully praying for you to be patient and enjoy Life.…You will Be Together Again!. Be happy and share time, laughter and love with those close to you! Your Loved one is truly, truly very Happy,

Always Happy 


Let your heart feel as mine does, silently at ease while we continue ahead sharing our future, a future we should fill with as many happy moments as possible. But, most of all, May this ring always remind you of how thankful I am that we continually share   “Understanding, Love and Encouragement.” Now Today and through out eternity that is being created for us to Share...

Let’s try to find new loving ways in the days to come, new ways to handle hardships together, new ways create strength, and the wisdom we need to experience our lives with joy along the

“Destiny Ahead Waiting for Us.”

This ring is to be an Ever-Constant reminder of Love, the presence of angels, and the “Ever-presence and Unconditional Love of God” and Remember...I Am Here for You……U


Statement of Faith

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Autobiographical Information: Growing up in the family business, I had a strong entrepreneurial background.   Over the last 20 years my heart was transformed from being very a Spirit Filled apostolic priest and Bishop in the Old Catholic Church. You can simply describe us as being a mixture of all faiths rolled into one, Since 1993, I have witnessed and prayed with thousands of believers and non-believers who gave the ring to loved ones and friends to express their personal prayers, hopes and concerns.

I am so very thankful that God led me to introduce the first Angel Birthstone Ring in the US and over the years to compose original  poems and spiritual messages of encouragement to complete this wonderful spiritual gift.  This ring will help you share your belief that the Lord gives unwavering love, that he ministers, heals, guides and directs.  The ring along with the message is to show and share your personal love and faith in God.  God is present and He will bless this gift...a gift they can wear day in and day out, 24 hours a day to remind them of your love and His Ever-Presence.  

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