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 Angel Birthstone Ring 


Angel Birthstone Ring Ministries believes in the ever-existing strength, purpose, and presence of the Holy Spirit who shares God's unconditional love with us here on earth today, did at the beginning, and will tomorrow in Heaven with Him and His only Son, Jesus Christ. We are guided by the living bible and healing nature and truth of the living God Jesus Christ here on earth, as He imparts His will, direction, and testimony to all those who seek or share belief through the Holy Ghost.  We pledge our service to the first church of the apostles that was directed by Jesus and look forward to the forgiveness of sins, His unconditional love, and His promise for eternal life.  Angel Birthstone Ring Ministries believes in the true giving will of God and it inspires us to serve the sick, comfort and cleanse the bound and weary, with our lifelong pledge to share His knowledge and wisdom with all those who may come to us seeking His will, strength, love, happiness, forgiveness, and eternal life.


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